Sharing creativity

Design and print directly from your favourite Adobe tools.

Adobe tools integrated
Compatible with Adobe CC15 and CC17

How it works

The Adobe plugin allows you to easily create, organize and share your designs across desktop and mobile.

Upload designs directly from ID, AI, PS without converting to PDF.

An automated ICC profile with secured fonts, colors and bleed is generated when you upload to print. All your files are saved in the Gelato library, from which you can easily print, edit or share with colleagues.

How it works

Streamline your work flow

Find the perfect format to make your print amazing, without ever leaving your favourite Creative Suite and Creative Cloud apps.

Templates include bleed area, safe text area and working space.

Access ready-to-use templates for any format with just one click. Simply design and click to upload.

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Streamline your work flow

Create editable templates

Style Preservation

Allow others to modify the text within a design - while still retaining your styling. Perfect for sharing and collaborating with colleagues.

Brand Integrity

Your resources, fonts, character and paragraph styles are kept intact, and your brand remains consistent no matter who edits.

Abundant Options

Enjoy access to 30 000 fonts with our unique collaboration with Monotype!

No compromises here!

Create editable templates

Manage printing through mobile

All your editable templates are automatically saved in your Gelato library and synced to both desktop and mobile.

Access, edit and order your print designs...

Anytime, Anywhere!

Manage printing through mobile


The paper we use is eco-friendly - FSC®, SFI® and ECF® certified.


After downloading the extension, double click on the .dmg or .exe file to install. You can then open the extension in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

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Uploading Files

Illustrator Artboards

Design Templates

Installing Extension